Monday, 8 November 2010

AIRBAG A'DEEN, want's air....

....yes lot's and lot's of air, in the bag and out of the bag, yeah!! Airbag A'deen goes live starting Saturday 13th November, it's going to be out twice monthly for you all to get some mad mad crazy air while doing some rad rad crazy trickery woooo, YEAH!! Call the centre on 01224 810215 to book your name down for one of the sessions, the bags getting excited, are you?

Sim and Hadfield go upside down wooooooooooooooooo....

Nathan Sim and Andrew Hadfield, one skier one boarder, 2 friends who have been step step stepping it up recently and by stepping it up this means going upside down, hells yeah. Andrew doing backflips and now looking to do flat spins and rodeo's learning linkin loops this weekend, stoker and big ups to Nate Dog Sim who has been thinking about the rodeo for a long time and finally bust out the gnarl to get it stomped off the kicker, high 5's duuuudes, the slopes stoked stokedy stoked to be seeing things like this being thrown down :) Check out this wee edit of them put together by Innes Bradford....

Grant Donald Promo, yip yip....

Steezy skier Grant Donald has put together this awesome promo vid of himself KILLING IT, check it out....

Grant Donald Promo 2010 from Grant Donald on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Saturday Freestyle Night!!

It's that time of year when it's getting chilly, dark and the slope is running fast again! Also October 30th will see the return of the Saturday Freestyle Nights. Yes, that's right we will be seeing goodbye to the Fridays and hello to Saturday. It's gonna be sick!!

The rails will be out to try and get everybody amped for a session.

So Saturday 30th, 5PM - 10PM, Head down to the mat and get your shred on!

Let's kick off winter 2011 with a banging session! 

Saturday Freestyle Nights will run every Saturday from 5PM - 10PM.

Junior - £8
Student - £8
Adult - £12

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Boarderline presents Forum Snowboards: F*** It

Yup that's right kids Boarderline are hosting the premier of Nicol Paton's new snowboard movie he's been working on for a few years now called FISH IT! You will see much gnarly, steezy riding and fishing while riding, man that takes skill but ya know if the fish takes off then you can keep up on the chase. Guest appearance by Nicol 'thee Slamon' Paton and his fishy friends, maybe a cameo appearance by 'Gavin Rettie Angler Extrordinair, who has a Glorious Moustasche and is Awesome at Volleyball', have you ever seen a fish play volleyball, or ride a snowboard well you will now, some slick and slippery moves going down. Make sure you get down to the tunnels 7.30 Thurs 21st October to witness this amazing spectacle....

Emmet Stachan we miss yoooouuuuuuu :(

Emmet Strachan a.k.a wee flying leprechaun a.k.a steezebandit has not been down the slope so much as he has been getting mean, tough and gnarly out on the rugby field and damn he has one mean tackle no matter how big you are your going DOWN. When he does make it to the slope everyone is stoked to see him/ ride with him again. Emmet Strachan if you read this Gnarly Natalie wants to have much GNARLY shreddage with you before she leaves, you got 5 weeks, get on it duuuude :)

Lara Wood on Greef

Local rider Lara Wood has now joined the Granite Reef Snow Team, congrats!! She's been wanting this for so long so as expected is stoked.